Our grant programme supports 16 year olds and under who find themselves without a safe place to call home. Please apply to the foundation if you are 16 year olds and under and find yourself in such a situation, or if you are an organisation supporting these young people, as per our grant policies.


Coram Chambers Partnership

the7stars Foundation has had the privilege of providing support for a young homeless girl referred to us by a local authority in Harrow.

After becoming estranged from her family, she found it difficult to attend secondary school and subsequently missed her GCSE exams. Through her own searching, she found a hairdressing apprenticeship program that suited her to help turn her life around. Along with a this apprenticeship, the program also offers her the opportunity to complete her English and Maths functional skills exams.

Our grant will help her fund attending the apprenticeship and learn a new skill to put into a career to help her move forward with her life. The grant will also help her afford appropriate attire and equipment as well as a passport and provisional driving license. Having these items will help tremendously to ease the stress of having to afford these items all on her own. The college hairdressing apprenticeship program will allow her to acquire new skills and potential into her adult life.

Coram Chambers Partnership

the7stars Foundation has had the opportunity of providing support to the family of two young children that were referred to us by a South London authority. One child from the family is of school age and due to the lack of a washing machine in the home, he is often in school with unclean clothes as well as often off of school due to parents struggling to find areas of support. With our grant, we were able to provide the young family with a washing machine that will bring to them peace of mind in having clean clothes in help to give them confidence and a better quality of life day to day.

Coram Chambers Partnership

The foundation has had the privilege of providing support to two brothers from Afghanistan. The young boys were trafficked and then rescued from the refugee camp in Calais by the Baobab Centre for Young Survivors. The brothers had to flee their country after their parents were murdered and en route the pair were separated, unsure if each other were alive. They are now reunited and are moving into a one bedroom flat that the foundation has provided as well as funding for essential items in their new home. The flat and essential items will help them feel at home as much as they can and provide the base to begin their life again.



Coram is the UK’s first and longest running children’s charity with over three centuries of work helping hundreds of thousands of children and young people to lead a more safe, healthy and happier life.

Today, Coram work ensures every child has the best possible chance at life whatever their background. Their teams work across London and the entire UK to bring together and support children and young carers using creative therapy, support and expert training.

the7stars Foundation is delighted to fund the Coram project which supported adoptive children who have experienced a traumatic start in their lives. Using creative art and music therapy, the children were enabled to express themselves, as many young children struggle with the more traditional “talk based” therapies. The therapy helps reduce emotional and behavioural difficulties and improving relationships with their adoptive parents. The tools they learn better equips them to respond and adapt to change and improve their ability to express their thoughts and feelings as they grow.

For all children involved, the goal included reducing the negative impact that abuse had on their lives, and particularly focused on achieving the following outcomes:

• Reduced emotional and behavioural difficulties
• Improved relationships with their adoptive parents
• Improved ability to adapt and respond to the challenges and changes in their lives
• Improved ability to express their thoughts and feelings to those around them

“Jenny and Anuschka trustees of the7stars foundation visited Coram, the children’s charity that helps more than a million vulnerable children and young people every year.

Driving pioneering work in adoption, early years and parenting, Coram has developed new approaches to childcare and education, informed by developments in child psychiatry.

the7stars Foundation awarded Coram with a grant in its recent round of funding and went to see how this grant was being put to good use in their ground-breaking art and music therapy, which helps children and young people overcome complex and traumatic backgrounds every day.”

‘It was amazing to see the fantastic work these guys do and the7stars foundation feels truly privileged to be a part of it.’ – Jenny & Anuschka”

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