Child Carers

Our grant programme supports those 16 year olds and under who are looking after and caring for a loved one in need. Our funding provides respite and promotes happiness and fun for these young people sacrificing their childhood for those they love. If you are 16 year olds and under and a child carer, or an organisation providing services for child carers, please apply to the foundation as per our grant policies.


Ability North London

the7stars Foundation is pleased to partner with Ability North London in funding their major annual trip, which brings child carers from across London together for a fun day out.

The fun day out, called “See Sunshine”, takes the children far away from the struggles and stresses of their challenging responsibilities of caring for a special needs/mentally ill parent or sibling. Young carers and 15% vulnerable children from across London gather together in ecstasy for support, respite, and fun along with their volunteers who have been in similar positions and have emerged stronger and healthier.

Ability North London go above and beyond to help vulnerable youth and young carers to beat the barriers and challenges in their lives. They empower young vulnerable people to grow from their challenges and use their obstacles as stepping stones. Looking after an ill parent whether it mental or physical illness is not easy and there can be stigma and unproportional responsibilities which rob their childhood and happiness out of being children. Ability North London offers fun and respite so all children will feel like children.

“Seeing Sunshine” offers time away from their daunting responsibilities at home and providing the much-needed respite.
• An opportunity for children enduring similar stresses to support each other, which will reduce the social isolation
• The care-free seaside trip gives the young people a feeling of a happy and fun childhood
• Therapeutic bonuses such as breathing exercises and pony riding enhance their trip and healing experience

The Honeypot Children’s Charity

the7stars Foundation is honoured to provide The Honeypot Children’s Charity with funding towards their Respite Breaks Programme.

The Honeypot Children’s Charity provides respite breaks and on-going outreach support to young carers and vulnerable children aged 5-12 years old of age who cares for a parent, sibling or other relatives.

Our funding will provide 36 London children a break from their demanding caring roles.

When not at school, these children take on duties such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, changing dressings, bathing and offering emotional support. This leaves little time for their own social and personal development, putting them at high risk of depression, anxiety, absence from school, social problems, isolation and poor mental or physical health.

The respite breaks benefit the children attending Honeypot by growing their confidence and social skills through interaction with other children. They have the opportunity to be children while developing all-around practical and social skills.

The funded grant has enabled the Honeypot Children’s Charity to support children on their waiting list, enabling the programme to support more children with respite breaks.

Sheffield Young Carers Project

Sheffield Young Carers Project (SYC) was set up in 1997 to raise awareness of and provide support to children and young people from Sheffield aged 8 to 25 who provide substantial unpaid care to a member of their family. Young carers are a largely hidden group due to the stigma attached to caring and the fear of what might happen if people find out.

SYC’s current services include one-to-one and group support for young carers along:
• School holiday activities and respite breaks
• Family support service for families with mental illness/substance misuse issues
• Support through key transitions and training e.g. primary school
• Support and advice for third parties e.g. schools and health services to enable them to support young carers within their own setting

Their services are free of charge and young carers’ travel expenses are paid.

the7stars Foundation is delighted to partner with the Sheffield Young Carers Project. Our funding provides the one-to-one worker program with the means to provide practical and emotional support to young carers ages 8 to 12 years.

The dedicated One-to-One Worker is essential in helping to:
• Ensure that some of the Sheffield’s most vulnerable children and young people access the support they need — as soon as possible
• Meet their aims as an organisation (to reduce isolation and stigma, increase young carers’ access to social, educational and career opportunities, and provide practical and emotional support
• Reduce the impact of caring on the young carers we support

Following support, young carers:
• 75% report feeling more confident
• 75% report feeling less isolated
• 92% report feeling closer to their personal goals

The one-to-one support allows the children to talk openly and explore new coping strategies, as well allows them to develop a greater understanding of the severity of their circumstances.

Edinburgh Young Carers

The Edinburgh Young Carers provides a range of individual, group and specialist support for young carers aged 5 – 20 years old and their families. The EYC is based in Edinburgh and its surrounding areas where they aim to help young carers overcome disadvantage, reach their potential and experience childhoods in accordance with the rights of the child.

the7stars Foundation is delighted to have funded the EYC in support of their project focused on specialist counselling support for young carers who are supporting a parent(s) with addiction problems.

Specialist counselling includes:

• Group based support
• Specialist 1-1 support
• Specialist support for carers of parents with drug and alcohol problems
• Family outreach work
• Residential and holiday outings
• Awareness raising and support in schools

Our funding has helped support child carers of parents with drug and alcohol addiction problems and reduce their risk of developing negative coping strategies in helping them reach their potential through improving their mental wellbeing.


Happy Days

Happy Days Children’s Charity provides holidays, residential trips, day trips and visiting theatre performances for children who have disabilities or life limiting conditions and children who have been abused or who are young carers. Happy Days helps to develop children between the ages of 3 – 17 years in their physical, mental and spiritual well being by bringing them happiness and fun.

the7stars Foundation is proud to partner with Happy Days, funding a trip to Happy Potter World for 40 young carers aged 6–13 years of age.

Happy Days’ trips are great morale boosters for the young carers, allowing them to meet other children and young people in similar positions.

Our funding will further fairness and impact as young carers are often neglected when it comes to recreational outings and holidays and they will be relieved of their day to day caring roles.

“Happy Days Charity is thrilled to have a partnership with the7stars foundation, which will enable us to help in the region of 40 children from Luton and close surrounds, who act as a young carer for another family member. This means that they rarely get the opportunity to take part in many leisure time activities. The trip we are planning to Warner Bros. Studios for a ‘Harry Potter’ experience, will enable them to make new friends and take part in an activity more often enjoyed by the wider community. Thereby promoting social inclusion. We are extremely grateful for this help in making this trip possible to some very deserving young children.”