Our grant programme provides funding to support recovery from addiction of any kind. If you are 16 year olds and under and would consider yourself living with addiction, or are an organisation assisting those facing addiction, we would welcome an application from you for funding, as per our grant policies.



Addaction helps people change their behaviour to become the very best that they can be. It could be their drug or alcohol use or worries about their mental health — Addaction support people to making lasting changes in their lives.

The type of work Addaction does and the beneficiaries they work with in each area is determined by the needs of local people and funding available for them to meet them.

Their range of services include:
• Adult drug and alcohol treatment
• Young Addiction
• Breaking the Cycle
• Mental health services

the7stars Foundation is proud to partner with Addaction by funding the launch of the Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme in a secondary school in Greenwich. This programme has enabled up to 1,200 young people to make positive choices on drugs and alcohol today and later in life, through the delivery of universal education and awareness. The programme also provides targeted intensive support for around 30 young people identified as either misusing drugs or alcohol or who live with a parent or carer who is.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme is a groundbreaking drug and alcohol awareness and prevention programme for 11 – 18 year olds. Taking place in the school setting, their trained and accredited volunteers use their own experiences of substance misuse and recovery to educate students on triggers for substance misuse and what can be done to prevent it. The number of deaths from legal highs has tripled in two years and unfortunately, young people are not exempt from these figures — more than 17,000 young people accessed specialist drug and alcohol services in the year 2015/16.

Young and Inspired

The Young and Inspired advocates for over 900 children and Young People who are challenged by poverty, family, dysfunction, abuse, disability, addiction and trauma. The organisation supports these children through various innovative programs such as befriending and counselling, social gatherings, recreational trips and holidays, skills building and fitness clubs and more.

the7stars Foundation is excited to be partnered with the Young and Inspired in funding their Smother the Smoke Plus scheme.

The Smother the Smoke Plus scheme is an innovative substance and smoking abuse scheme designed by teens for teens. This project is based on a psychology where teens and young adults who, ‘have been there done that’ and understand the struggling adolescents. The teens’ pair with each addict or at-risk addict to liaise, mentor and support the addict.

Our funding will help Young and Inspire deliver:
• Teens feeling understood and have someone who understands them.
• Teens having access to free professional therapy counsellings
• Families being supported to stop the vicious multi generational cycle of addiction
• Teens being offered skill-building clubs to channel their interest and talents in positive avenues which will support improvement
• Funding will enable mentors to be trained
• Will pay towards detoxification and therapy for addicts
• Will fund towards retreat which will motivate change
• Will pay for pilot skills building clubs

Over 1.3 million children in the UK grow up in families where drug and alcohol addiction is part of everyday family life. Such children are vulnerable to neglect, lack of structure and isolation and addiction and are seven times more likely to become addicts.

Coram Chambers Partnership

The foundation was delighted to fund a place on an NBC Basketball course for a budding basketball star who has overcome challenges in his personal life involving a family members’ addiction problems and domestic abuse. The young man and is now on track to meet his ambition to go to a USA college on a sports scholarship.