Our grant programme funds project tackling and supporting 16 year olds and under coping with, abuse of any nature. If you are a young person suffering abuse, or an organisation delivering services assisting others, please apply as per the foundation’s grant policies.


After School Recreational Club

the7stars Foundation is honoured to support a young man who was referred to us by an East London local authority. The young man has experienced adverse home conditions due to abuse by his parents including exposure to domestic violence and mental health difficulties. This has lead him to be subject to child protection plans shortly after his birth and ultimately to be cared for under Special Guardian Order by his grandmother.

The provided funding has went towards a grant for the young man to attend the weekly youth club at his local reservoir centre. Attendance will enable him to learn, enjoy and achieve to grow his self confidence and master skills under expert instruction. The youth club provides a safe, enjoyable and challenging environment to enjoy activities such as dinghy sailing, kayaking and canoeing will help him develop friendships while under the care of safe adults.

Coram Chambers Partnership

the7stars Foundation was delighted to support a vulnerable young person referred by a London local authority. This young person lives alone with his father in an isolated and difficult environment. Our provision allowed this individual to have a more child friendly and stimulating home that includes soft furnishings and educational toys. As well as nicer home environment the funding allowed the opportunity for an inspiring experience to live football match, which is his passion!


RASASC (Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre)

The RASASC (Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre) help victims of sexual abuse through emotional and practical support. This includes specialist support through our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor service, counselling support, peer-group support and a youth service.

the7stars Foundation has partnered with RASASC to help them provide more specialist counselling to young people aged 13 – 18 years who have been the victim of rape or sexual abuse.

Given an increase in requests for support, they are funding a sessional worker who is qualified in trauma to support 10 young people a year who have been victims of rape or sexual assault. The sessional worker will provide one-to-one help which is bespoke to the needs of the young person. The overarching aim is to help the young person move forward and not live a life that is defined by the abuse that they have suffered.


Wycombe Women’s Aid

The Wycombe Women’s Aid (WWA) is a specialist domestic violence charity supporting women, children and young people who have experienced domestic violence and who are dealing with its effects and consequences.

the7stars Foundation is pleased to fund the WWA in support of their Helping Hands children’s service that they deliver. The specialist group programme is designed for children who have experienced domestic violence and is a preventative education programme.

Helping Hands specialist group programme’s objectives are to:
• Develop children’s levels of self-esteem and confidence
• Enable children to explore and express feelings
• Inform children of the right to feel safe at all times
• Increase children’s ability to identify their own personal support network
• Explore how choice of behaviour can affect the feelings of others
• Identify healthy ways to manage conflict

Our funding will help to provide workbooks, stationery and sundries needed for each of the six groups that will take place over the academic year. The workbooks are an integral part of the programme, as are the stationary and other items needed to implement the weekly activities from the workbook. At the end of the group, children are able to keep the workbooks as a permanent record of their achievement and learning.


Tender Education & Arts

Established in 2013, the Tender Education & Arts charity uses the arts to engage vulnerable young people in the prevention of domestic and sexual abuse. They have pioneered innovative new programmes which work to stop abuse before serious harm has occurred and support young people to get the most from life without dealing with the legacy of abuse.

the7stars Foundation is proud to partner with Tender Education & Arts to fund their interactive-programme for at-risk primary school children which prevents domestic and sexual abuse. This programme enables them to support young people to identify, avoid or escape abuse and to learn how to seek help when they need it.

During the interactive-programme, participants learn how to:
• Understand the components of healthy and unhealthy relationships
• Explore expectations around gender and equality
• Develop skills for working together
• Ask for help and better support their peers

Tenders methods effectively counter negative and unsafe messages and help young people to recognise their rights and responsibilities in relationships. The use of drama and theatre is a highly effective method of engaging young people in experiential learning in a way that deepens their understanding of the issue in a way other teaching styles cannot.

“The founder of the charity said the class was very positive and it was all about helping the children understand and really engage — at their workshop in another school last week, it had resulted in two children coming forward to say they had some issues.

The Foundation’s grant has enabled them to run a series of these workshops and not only work with a core group but at the end presentation, the message extends to at least another 50 children every time.”


Parents and Children Together (PACT)

Parents And Children Together (PACT) has been supporting and strengthening families since 1911 on issues such as debt, parenting, domestic abuse and mental health.

the7stars Foundation is honoured to support PACT for their Bounce Back 4 Kids (BB4K) programme in the Thames Valley area. BB4K is a 10 week group therapeutic support programme developed by PACT for children and parents who have been victims or witnesses of domestic abuse. The need for the BB4K programme was identified by childcare professionals working with families and victims of domestic abuse and recognising the impact that the lack of support available had on them.

Our funding will help deliver:
• A safer home environment for the child and parent
• A better understanding of what has happened in their family
• An understanding that abuse is not acceptable
• Building strong relationships between child and parent
• Boosting confidence and self-esteem levels for both the child and parent
• Improved behaviour and better anger management for the child
• Better school attendance and educational outcomes for the child
• Parent able to provide ongoing support to the child

PACT and the BB4K programme align to the7stars Foundation values for Potential, Opportunity, Fairness and Impact.



Another Way

Another Way supports children 16 years of age and under who identify as LGBTQ. Inspired by the needs of the community, Another Way addresses the lack of support, choices and options for LGBTQ young people and their families within the Copeland area – an area with a statistically high LGBTQ community. The organisation addresses key issues through increasing life chances, opportunities, access to information, support and choices while empowering young people and families.

the7stars Foundation is proud to partner with Another way by providing counselling support to young people while also working with any pre-existing services in order to refer complex cases to specialist child counsellors and psychologists, trained in LGBT difficulties.

Our funding benefits between 10 and 30 people 16 years of age and under directly within the first year as well as benefitting their families with the support the young people receive.

The training is always going to change because the needs of people change and that actually for them it’s not about getting someone to ‘come out’ to all their school friends, friends and family – it’s about making them feel happy/comfortable with their sexuality and being around people on the day to day. — Claire Hicks

We joined while our child was gender questioning and now he has socially transitioned to live as his preferred gender. This has been a rocky road for us as parents and has involved discommunication from our family and a change of school. The program offered practical and emotional support to us during this difficult period and we still heavily rely on this support. — Mother to 6 year old Female to Male


Swanley Boxing Club

Swanley Boxing Club works with challenged young people helping them learn self discipline through the sport of boxing. For over 25 years Swanley Amateur Boxing Club has been training young people.

the7stars Foundation is proud to partner with Swanley Boxing Club in funding their project which takes boxing into schools with challenged pupils where they learn discipline, mentoring, engagement, achievement, structure and well being.

Supplies for the project:
• Training gloves
• Training floor mats
• Skipping ropes
• Boxing timer
• Coaching mitts
• Coaching pads
• Travel trolleys

Our funding will help the project turn lives around for hard to reach youths by offering life skills to overcome challenges that can lead to serious life problems pre & post education.

“The area of Swanley has a high level of social deprivation and Swanley Amateur Boxing Club has an ethos and a passion to offer non-contact and full contact boxing to juniors, young adults and seniors to improve their physical health, mental well-being and improve behavioural and emotional difficulties. It gives the young and disadvantaged people of Swanley an escape route by instilling key life changing attributes that can be applied in every area of life.

Our qualified coaches are also health care professionals, specialising in mental health and we now offer mentoring for club members/participants and have recently extended our services of one evening a week to specialist mental health adult units.”


Clapton Common Boys Club

Clapton Common Boys Club improves the lives of disengaged, deprived and disadvantaged children and young people in Hackney, London. Physical wellbeing, social skills, motivation, self-esteem, educational skills and employment prospects are enhanced through activities during out-of-school hours.

the7stars Foundation is delighted to fund the launch of the club’s Always Safe! anti-bullying skills training programme. The programme, led by an emotional psychologist, trains youth leaders and club volunteers how to support children to avoid being attacked through bullying and how to protect themselves. The techniques are implemented through local clubs and youth organisations.

We are proud to partner with Clapton Common Club to provide the young people with:
• Adult Support
• Skills and Training to protect themselves
• Emotional Support

Our funding will help develop the potential of the young people supported through the programme by working to build confidence, self-esteem and provide opportunities through removing barriers and challenges faced so young people may develop and achieve.

“The Clapton Common Boys Club is pleased to be partnering with the7stars foundation in launching ‘Always Safe!’ programme, an anti-bullying skills training programme. The programme will train youth leaders and volunteers, in how to support children and young people to avoid being attacked through bullies and how to protect themselves. We value the interest and support immensely!”